Friday, November 28, 2008


As it turned out , the person who broke the coffee pot said he would pick one up today. He is a real trooper to brave the Black Friday shoppers. Could this have some relationship to the fact that he goes to work tomorrow and needs his morning pick me up??? MAYBE

Well, he did indeed get the pot. He went to Target and had to drive around to find a parking place. The replacement pot was $15.00, I asked what was the cost of a new coffee maker, he did not know but he thought that was expensive for the pot. I have to agree, but what else can I do. You need a pot designed to fit the space under the unit.

Emily also makes coffee for herself; she will be glad that IT'S BACK......
She got up early, 05:15 and work started at 07:00. She said she sold a lot of little things. The Mall Management sent out a directive that they were suppose to park as far away from the mall as possible, to let the customers have the choice spots. Number one, its cold outside, and number two, I am not walking to the end of the parking lot at 11 PM. Besides, she said, it is part of the Holiday Shopping Experience the drive around looking for A PARKING SPACE. She is a shopper too !!!!

Claudia's advice is nod your head yes and park where you normally park. A lot of employees all park in the same area and walk to their cars together.

I have the place half cleaned up but I do not know what I did with my iPod, I remeber putting it away but where was the place I put it?? Guess it will show up eventually. I wish my boom box had a AUX slot. I would like to connect it and play the music, I will investigate this further. Maybe I could find some generic speaker to connect the iPod to or a inexpensive boom box with an AUX connection. This requires further research.......

The refrigerator is teeming with left overs, guess what most of America is having for dinner tonight......Emily just said she had it for lunch and she doesn't want it for dinner too....she can have a PB&J sandwich....


  1. hope by now you have found your iPod; better safe than sorry with the parking spaces; I'd be with Emily to park where friends park and walk in/out with them; let her know to ask security to walk her out or keep an eye on her when she's walking out if she's walking alone and to hold her key to her car pointing out between thumb and index finger and then if there are other keys on her keychain to weave them through her fingers, point out to use as a weapon just in case (I recently sat in on a short self defense class for women; picked up some great tips there).

    that was nice you got the replacement pot and I'm thinking it was your hubby that accidentally broke it? our coffee pot just went out the other day; we got the most simplest of Mr. Coffees for about $18.00 at Target; it makes coffee, that's good enough for me a lot of mornings!

    we made our turkey dinner tonight since we were with relatives yesterday; I was absolutely amazed we came up with enough meat for a total of 8 meals and considering we got 2 turkeys for the price of one since it was buy 1/get 1 free, this turkey cost us $9.00. won't have to buy meat next week :) (Frugal is starting to pay off LOL);

    enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  2. I am glad you got your eplacement pot. I don't drink much coffe , a cup in the AM and a cup in the Pm but Joe drinks way more than the Dr. ordered. Glad every one has their coffee high. Lucy

  3. That was my mother's usual statement when a BIG MEAL was in order. "If they don't want to eat what is on the table, they can always have peanut butter."

    ;^) Jan the Gryphon