Thursday, January 1, 2009


For what it’s worth……Today I got up when I woke up. Actually it was about 6:30. Lounged around till I heard some cat noise, meowing for me to feed them. I have dry cat food out at all times, but I guess they wanted to wet food, they decide when I get up. If I left the bedroom door open Henry would jump up and start pulling my hair. When he is about I have to cover my head. They also will pull Chucks hair.

I decided to try to clean up and get rid of things I no longer need or use. Today I got started on that . I finally am able to go thru my mothers knick knacks and am ready to do something with the remnants of their lives. I somehow had guilt feelings about getting rid of things that were my parents. I came to the realization that if someone else could use it I should donate it to the thrift store. St. Vincent de Paul is just down the highway a few miles so after my sisters go thru the things I will make a run.

On the interesting side, I knew I had them but I didn’t know who they were. When Chucks father died he went thru their house and was doing some housecleaning. There were two portraits of a man and a woman. This was before I started my genealogical research. They were in a closet. On the back of the man was the date. Aug. 23, 1899. This was a few weeks after his great grandfather had died. I think the death was unexpected because Chucks grandfather was born in May of 1899. My feeling is that his wife had a portrait made of her husband. His name was Anton and hers was Katharina. They were both from Bohemia, which at that time was a part of the Austrian Hungarian Empire. Now it is about 1km from the German border. They both had left Bohemia. Katharina in the 1880’s and Anton in 1869. After WWII the German Bohemians were expelled form the Czech Republic and sent to Germany.

So I had been wanting a picture of them and I had them in my own house. The pictures are large and appear to be drawings. Some one on my Roots Web List said at that time enlargements could not be made and people would take the pictures and have a portrait done. It is nice to have.

There is only one more set of great grandparents I would like to have the picture of them and their children. I am working on that.


  1. I think its neat you have that portrait Claudia; imagine over 100 years old!!

    hoping 2009 is a great year for you and your family


  2. What a great find! Isn't it amazing what you come across when you're going through stuff and weeding things out?!

  3. I have a large black and white, with original frame, picture of my grandmother's family when she was 16! I love it my children and grandchildren I see the genetic connection. Way cool!

  4. I have 3 pictures I inherited when my sister got alzhiemers and I have no idea who they are. I think they are my moms side. If I cxould get a GOOD PICTURE i WOULD SEND THEM TO MTY COUSIN WHO DOES GENEOLOGY. Lucy