Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pearl Harbor


Thanks to Beth who told me yesterday that I had the wrong date for Pearl Harbor .  I indeed did find information in the paper and on line today about the attack subsequent entry of the United States into World War II. 

I found this information to read and wanted to post it for people to read.  I guess I was off one day mostly because I wasn't there.  

My father said it was a warm and sunny Sunday and he was washing his car and the announcement came over the radio that Pearl Harbor had been attacked and he thought there goes peace and he would be going off to war.

He indeed did get drafted and sent off to boot camp. After basic training my mother took a train to Goldsboro NC and they got married before he was shipped to England.  My father had a lot of mechanical aptitude  and he went to school and qualified to be a airplane mechanic and spent his time repairing and maintaining the Army Air Corps planes while stationed in England.

Here is their Wedding Picture.   My mom was about twenty one and dad twenty five....

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  1. Love the picture, of your parents..
    I guess it really does not matter the date but the fact that we remember, whatever the date. Lucy

  2. Yes, there was an article in today's paper about the commemoration happening today.

    Thanks for sharing the picture and story of your folks. What fascinates me so much about that time is that everyone jumped at the chance to serve. For most, there was no question whatsoever. My Dad enlisted in the Army right after he graduated from high school and off he went.


  3. your parents looked so adorable together! what a story; I bet it was a story repeated in so many houses during that time; all who went to serve and the women they left behind to hold down the houses and wait for their hopefully safe return


  4. That is a lovely photograph - I love old photos. Our local news had quite a big story on Pearl Harbor - hopefully the younger ones will realize today means something.

  5. That is an awesome picture of your parents!!! I love it. It's sad that our kids learn about other unimportant dates and events yet they don't realy know when Pearl Harbor day is. I couldn't remember! ~ I'm glad that someone shared a tribute.

  6. What a beautiful picture of your parents, and what a handsome couple they made!

  7. I agree Beth that people jumped at the chance to serve, but there was also the draft. I am not sure about draft but it worked then and it could work again, hoiwever I saw where enlistments are way up because of the economy. So maybe the armed forces will replenish fairly easy. Lucy (PS. TYhere is still afgahnistan)

  8. It doesn't matter if you remembered the exact date. It only matters that you remembered.