Saturday, January 10, 2009



Not to much of my surprise I might add.   After all the doom and gloom starting on Monday and yesterday having the citizens of Western PA virtually crazy, we did not get snow.   A few flakes but somehow (???) the snow was north of me.   I was seriously prepared for it.   I wanted to go outside and take pictures.   I wanted to go to the Genealogical Meeting, but with all the Hyperbole I did not go.  I can forecast better by opening up the door and taking a look outside.

So, what did I do?  Not a whole hell of a lot.   Read two newspapers, perused the computer and even go so far as washing my hair.   Now I am on hiatus from my book reading.   THE LUCKY ONE by Nicholas Sparks.  I just looked for the underline button, but there is not one.  At least I have not found it.  Oops , here it is.   It is listed a the letter U, not some letter with the underline under it.     Who would have known.

So far the book is good and light reading,  I hope I do not need to go and find a box of tissues like the rest of his books.   ChristmasPhipps2008 001

Lazy Henry lounging on the couch.  When he dies I a going to have him stuffed and sit him here.  No one will ever know he is gone.


  1. Apparently we got your share of snow. About 8 inches over yesterday, last evening, and this morning, and it's still snowing. We were out in it last night and glad that we were in the 4WD truck.

  2. It didn't arrive here in NY either, a few lazy flakes here and there. It's actually quite calming. I'll have to look up some of Sparks books to see what the interest is. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Indigo:

    Nicholas Sparks is a mindless read.

  4. We're sitting here today waiting for the snow....ugh!!! Thank goodness the play-off game starts soon........

  5. That is one pretty cat. You sound bored. I am more on the dowdy side. No energy yet. Thank you for the kind words about my gr-grandaughter, Lucy

  6. ROFL about Tony looks almost just like Henry and from the sound of it has the same activity level. :) Henry is a handsome fellow.

    Yeah, our big storm of the century (it seemed that way with the way people panicked and flocked to the store for bread & milk anyway) fizzled out too. It is sleeting a little bit.

  7. that is too funny about Henry; very cute picture of him!!!

    thanks for telling me how to underline; I haven't been able to figure that one out yet :)

    glad the snow didn't hit (yet)