Friday, January 9, 2009


Falling snow is so quiet. It started to snow about 4:30. Emily went to the bank to deposit the last of her checks. She got a bonus for helping close the store, and her severance and vacation pay.

One the way home an announcer said that so many thousand lost their jobs in December. "That's me" she said rather sadly. She is going to apply for unemployment tonight. You can call in but an article in the paper said they lines were always busy and you could not get thru. She is more of a computer type of person.

Today we also went to the book store to look at books for N-CLEX test review. That is the test that all the people who go to Nursing School take to get licensed. It is now in a national format. If you pass the test in PA you can go and work in Hawaii and not have to get a letter from the state of PA and note from your mother to get reciprocity. It saves a lot of time and money. As Chuck and I moved around this country I had RN License in many different states. I put them in limbo, just in case I ever moved back to Texas. By the time and if I ever move back to Texas I will be retired. I do not visualize myself moving anywhere, unless it was for the winter. Texas was quite nice in the winter. One month of cold weather. The dog got sick one snowy day and I venture out to take him to the vet. The vet said he had not expected to see anyone that day. "I grew up in Pennsylvania." I said. He laughed as he took care of the dog.

I want to go to the meeting of the Western PA Genealogical Society, but I think I will cancel those plans. Although I would go to work, why go outside if you do not have to be out. Maybe I will take pictures of the snow.


  1. So sorry Emily lost her job. Well the snow is arriving in time for the Pittsburg Steelers game which I think will benefit them greatly. We haven't used our snow blower yet either and I am hoping that we won't have to. kelly

  2. I like falling snow; to watch it from a window; so pretty! enjoy it :)