Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Has Arived

Today was warm by February standards. It is up to about 43 F outside. It is funny after a cold snap the temperature in the 40's feels warm. I scraped some of the snow off the driveway but there is always a frozen mass of it at the end of the driveway. Also is the usual frozen gutters with the melting snow dripping on the steps and side walk. So I moved what I can and chipped at the ice and got it moving too. I have to remember to put salt on the steps and walkway so the Post Man does not slip and fall.

I like February because for a winter month it is the shortest, also the temperature starts to rise daily. At least statistically it does....The thing I noticed a few weeks ago was the sun is now out when I leave the hospital at 5 PM.

I find it depressing when I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. I do not feel like doing anything. In the summer I am full of energy and the day seems to last forever. When it is dark, I feel like going to bed and sleep.

I am planning supper. Spicy chicken things, roasted potatoes and a vegetable, which is soon to be decided. Chuck also goes to work tomorrow and Emily has a test on Hypertension and Diabetes. She has been studying all of yesterday and today. Chuck asked about going out to dinne, but she is studying and would get mad if we went out without here.

I have a student tomorrow, I think she has been in the OR one week. It will not be a restful day for me tomorrow. LOL

Guess that is it for today, except for the Super Bowl. All the fanatics in Pittsburgh are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Steelers are going to win. I hope they do. Tomorrow at work each play will be rehashed over and over again, that will get on my nerves. Guess I am getting old. What I hate about the Steelers is that my tax money was used to build the Heinz Stadium but there is a 46 year wait on the list to get season tickets. 46 Years is correct. I feel like I have taxation without representation......I will be dead before my name would ever come up..........


  1. wow, 46 years! you'd have to sign up your future grandchild (I know Emily is not married) to possibly get a chance of someone in your family

    Yea to the Steelers! I thought it was a good game


  2. Heck, I knew the Steelers would win before the game started!

    A forty-six year wait??!!?? WOW!