Saturday, March 28, 2009


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I finally made it to the Flower Show.  It was not crowded when I got there, but the stroller brigade was arriving when I left.   The flowers were pretty, as usual, but as with everything else then seems to be less of them than in past shows.  

In past years it seemed to me to have the flowers growing more closely together but this year was space in some of the plantings.   So it goes for the times.

Then on to the Carnegie Library and more ancestor searching.    I am looking for siblings of my great grandmother.   I was searching the marriage records by name.  It is an odd system.  The records start at 1885 and go to 1908.   After that you have to deal with the State of PA, that can be  an exercise in futility.   

PA does not have an index for people to search.   Most of the states have one.  To search for a marriage or death you have to know when it occurred.  Which brings us to the Catch 22, if you don’t know when it happened how would you give the information???    If they had a searchable index you could search yourself.  

They are citing “privacy issues”   If you were married in that time frame, most likely you as well as your children are dead.   And it will be the great grandchildren who will be doing the research.   I have to write to my State Senator and Representative.

I guess I should just send for the information, but if they can’t find it they will keep your money.  Now, what is the impetus to really search for your requests.


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