Saturday, April 11, 2009


Phipps2009 041I liked this picture so well, I put it on my desktop.  Taken at Phipps Conservatory.

Yesterday the kid and I went out to Ross Park Mall.   I was amazed there was only one vacant store front.   The Mall close to my house has about 25 vacant, looks like a ghost town mall.   One would think they would do something to attract business, I had heard from a number of sources that the local mall refused to decrease the cost of its rent, so a lot of stores have closed.  

I am not a business major but it sounds like bad business sense to me.   I had thought that Ann Taylor Loft and J Jill had closed their stores, but no,  just at my local mall.   There they were at Ross Park in all their glory.   They really have a nice selection of stores.   The only problem is it taked forty five minutes to drive there as opposed to twenty to Monroeville Mall.   We decided that we will go once a month or so.

On the way back Emily was playing her iPod on my car radio.  It has a connection, all you need is a audio cable and a Aux switch and you can play the iPod.    She wanted to know, while listening to Mick Jagger, if they had played those song on the radio.  WHAT????   I asked, still dumfounded .   “Well, did they say…….Here’s the latest hit from the Rolling Stones”    asked Emily?     Still dumfounded I said “Of course!!!!”   I find that just weird said she.  I can’t imagine hearing the newest release from them on the radio.    “I can’t wait to write this in my journal”  said Claudia



  1. Haha! Yeah...back in the "olden days."

    I was kind of dismayed when I found out that they are now playing 80's songs on the oldies stations. [sigh]

    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Beth

  2. Claudia they seem to be playing more eighties music nowadays and of course the stones seemed to have been around forever. By the way I love the flowers,nice pictures.

  3. The golden oldies eh!!! Feel any older, mom. I love your flowers. Lucy