Sunday, May 3, 2009


Yesterday AOL started acting up was giving me messages it needed to be updated and would start updating all by itself (HAL????Are you in there???) The downloads could not be stopped.

My B-I-L, aka computer guy, said to get rid of AOL. It has too many applications added and so I deleted the programs AGAIN....and back into the bowels of the computer and deleted many more......if I could get my favorites off of AOL it would be ADIOS. One option I have (this will take a long time) is to go to the other lap top. Click and send each address to my hot mail address and put them on IE.

Lets see.....this will take awhile. AOL has a pfc (Personal Filing Cabinet) program that only works with their software. So, I can only open it with AOL. Makes me crazy.

BIL said that the some viruses, can hide and replicate itself. I do not know its name, all I can think is whomever developed it must have really be royally peeved at AOL. I can think of other P words to insert at the peeved part.

So back to my angst with AOL. If this problem can be found in the computer forums why has it not be a priority with AOL to solve this, I guess it is the money aspect, it cost money to solve problems, and they would rather not spend it.

I deleted everything associated with AOL on this compter, but I am sure, there is something lurking below the surface to raise it ugly head at some point in time. GRRRRRRRRR

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  1. I am going to take AOL out also, I think. Depends on how the computer acts. I have been fighting it for 2 days.