Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today I had off.....went for a hair appointment, the grocery store and home. I found out later that in my local grocery store there had been a fire last night. I bought lettuce and other vegetative matter, and the place did not smell like smoke. The news said it was an electrical fire.

Chuck had off too, and he got the grass cut before the rain began. Tomorrow we both work and who knows what the day will bring. I have downloaded Foxfire as an Internet browser. That is what my daughter uses, and so far I do not see anything new and exciting about the browser. I have been trying to move my favorites from AOL to another site. I think it is called ???? But it tells me to do something in AOL and for the life of me I can not figure out what it wants me to do, so I sent them an email....It tells me to create a new folder and move the favorites, but it does not tell me exactly how to do it. I tried under the AOL instructions, but it doesn't work. I hope they answer.

Emily did a clinical in the local Urgicare type at the building that the Nursing School is located. She said they were busy all day and she like it there. Maybe she will be a Nurse Practitioner.....Her first year is almost finished and next year at this time, she will have accepted a job and on her was to graduation and off my pay roll.....Yeahhhhhh...

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