Friday, May 1, 2009


The photo below and this one was taken some where in Georgia, I think!!!!!! A few years back my friend Ruth and I went to a botanical garden in Athens (I think) Georgia and it was quite beautiful. All I know for sure is that they are not in my house....LOL
I kill all my plants....Chuck said he was going to send my picture to the greenhouses and plant stores and tell them DO NOT SELL PLANTS TO THIS WOMAN. I kill them with kindness, not neglect.
On my two posts about my mother last week I had mentioned it was her birthday. My dear sweet sister, Shawnna, called to tell me it was the anniversary of her death, and her birthday was January 15.
I told my sister I was going to ask my PCP if I needed Aricept the next time I go to see him.
AOL keeps sending me "Security Updates" to install in my computer. I am a bit suspicious that they are viruses and going to reintroduce my havoc on my computer ???? I am opting out on AOL's downloads for now. I got it working and I am not going to do it AOL...

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  1. At least you're honest about what happens to plants that come into your home. Surprisingly every Spring you see the hopefuls that somehow this year will be different and they'll magically grow a green thumb. I don't blame you for not downloading anything more from AOL at the moment. (Hugs)Indigo