Tuesday, August 25, 2009



With the old computer, that is…….Seems it has decided to start clicking off the internet.   I get a message that there is no Wireless available.  There are two other people in this house that are not getting this message, but WHY am I ??

Then when I click on “Connect to..” it tells me there are no system there, I know damn well there is……it is mine.

But the most aggravating thing is when I get a message to “Contact the Network Administrator..””  Duh, it is my network and I suppose I am the Administrator,  because I am the owner of the network and the computer.

Tell me something I need to know for goodness sake…….I did a system restore and it is still not working properly…..and another thing is when I click on links it tells me that the network is not available…..it has time out……this is driving me crazy.

If I had a gun I would have shot the computer by now….

It is still clicking on and off…..making me more crazy than I should be.


  1. I've had that problem too. I deleted the network and reset it, restarted my laptop. Since you are the admin I don't know if this would work. Mine has worked since then. Well at least until the phone rings, then I get disconnected. I feel your frustration! Good luck.

  2. aS you well know I am not that computer smart but my sympathies are with you. I have wanted to smash mine several times.

  3. Thank you for the explanation. I do appreciate it. They are moving it right along, which is good as far as the way I think. They will be seeing the specialist, surgeon Tues. Thanks so much, Claudia. I wonder why we are always surprised when the diagnosis is cancer. So many in my family and I still feel like I have been punched in the stomach when my daughter told me.