Sunday, August 23, 2009


I am off this week and so is Chuck. Emily starts back to school Tuesday, I suppose she is glad to start and in ten months she will graduate and have a job. This semester she starts with Peds and OB. Then on to CCU/ICU and Nursing Management. It won't be long but it seems long to the person who is doing the education.

I guess I have a few things to do this week. I want to go thru some of my cookbooks and the ones I do not use I hope to either give them to my sisters, give to the Library, or sell them at Half Price Books. I like to go to Half Price Books but they do not give you much money, actually it is like pennies on the dollar. But it is better than gathering dust.

My stint as rabbit feeder is over, Shawnna made it back safe and sound from the beach. The weather was grand. All the College kids go back and one month from now we will be thinking of Autumn and the cooler weather.

I really did not make a to do list. I wanted to start sorting out boxes and saving what Emily thinks she may need when she leaves the nest. How does a person collect all this STUFF ???? It is an accumulation of thirty seven years I suppose. When we moved we had a sorting and sometimes a garage sale to thin the belongings. But we have been here for twenty years and it is either time to go thru boxes or move. LOL


  1. I know what you mean about sorting things out.

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better now. I'm with you on wondering how we accumulate so much..."stuff". We had a dumpster and cleaned out a few years ago, you would never know it now! LOL
    Enjoy your time off & don't work too hard.