Monday, October 19, 2009


This past week has gone by slowly....Today is my birthday....What is your most far back memory that you have??? I do not know.....I can remember being at my grandmothers and playing with some kid with a metal toy car. This was large enought to sit in and it was a dark reddish brown color. I saw pictures of it and did I really remember it or did I formulate memories of this car?

I have pictures of this car but can not find it at this time. I also remember the blizzard of 1950. I was four at the time; it began to snow and I was watching for my father to come home from work. The bus service had stopped and he had walked about 3 to 4 miles home because of that. It was dark and we kept looking out the window for him. I think it was a Friday and the next few days it still snowed. It was so deep, I wondered if it was really deep or it seemed so because I was a child. It was much taller than I, I read later that it had snowed about three feet that weekend. My mother told me later that it had snowed about three feet, I suppose this was not my imagination after all.

I remember a pot bellied stove in the basement of our house. My parents were building a house and I remember sleeping there. I remember all the work but not actually when it was finished.


  1. Happy Birthday and many more. My earliest memory of my birthday was when I was in 1st grade in country school at 4 years when I started and turned 5 during the school year. My sisters brought Jello and cake for the school, which being a country school was small.

  2. Happy Happy Happy belated BIRTHDAY!