Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well, Halloween is over for this year.....We had about 60 beggars at our doors today. Most of them were little and with their parents. I usually get some teenagers with no costume and a pillow sack. None of them today, guess they grew up and decided not to come....

The toddlers were sooooo cute.. Most of the girls were princesses and the boys were super heros.... There was one kid who had made a costume of one of those machines where you waste money trying to get some cheap stuffed animal. That was really great, it looked good and was so inventive.

Tomorrow I will being on my way to Williamsburg VA to got to my yearly conference. This is such a good meeting. It has all the latest and practical things that I can use in my practice. It is an eight hour drive from my home, and the weather is suppose to be good, although chilly.

I am feeling better. I have had this URI and heavens knows what for the past month. I got a script for Zithromax and am starting to feel bette. I hate being sick, I do not do well with illness. I just want to get better and go on with my daily routine.

I will leave when the sun is up, I do not like driving in the dark, and hopefully have an uneventful drive.


  1. Wow, 60 kids is alot...the costume with the crane game does sound unique. We never get kids around here. People are too scared to venture out this far after dark.
    I hope your conference goes well and you are feeling better soon. Safe travelling!

  2. Hope you feel better. No one wants to be sick.