Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Just sitting here and I realized that I have not written much for about a week. The week has been uneventful, except for work, work, and more work.

Next week I am going to a conference in Williamsburg VA. This is the third year I have gone to this conference. It is four whole days and the topics are good, and useful in my practice.

The trip will take about eight hours to get there. The leaves will be at peak down in Virginia and I will get to visit my brother and his wife and daughters. One daughter is studying OT in College and his other daughter is a senior in high school, his wife is an RN. That runs in the family of mine.

I a off tomorrow and have a list of things to do and the first one is to go to Med Express. This is the fifth week I have been sick. At first I thought it was just a cold and then I had a sinus infection. But the runny nose, sniffing and chronic, hacking non productive cough is making me crazy……I am suspicious that I have bronchitis. I am sick of feeling sick.

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