Thursday, October 22, 2009



I took a trip to the Phipps Conservatory yesterday, my aim was to take pictures of the Fall Flower show.   I was disappointed because there weren’t too many fall flowers.   But I did walk around taking pictures.

The one above gave me a thought.   Not the glass clowns, but the date on the brick was behind.   It say 1892, it started me thinking.   I wondered if my ancestors came here to enjoy the flower 107 years ago????

PHIPPS CONSERVATORY   This link shows some of the Conservatory but not too much in the way of history.   Guess I will have to search deeper for that information.

The next show will be Christmas and it will be spectacular with the flowers and colors of the season.

Olive Stephens still eludes me,  I posted a question of Roots Web and someone sent me the link for WV marriages, seems they have an index that you can peruse.   With the twenty five year difference in their ages I feel fairly certain that Robert Stephens and Olive eloped.



  1. I wasn't really impressed with the spring show this year. I thought the designs were poor and the execution was sloppy.

    Were things just not bloomed fully out yet? Or was it the design?

  2. It was the design. There were a few red flowers and a few large orange mums. I also thought the spring show was a little spartan.

    There was a lot of greenery and a lot of glass thin men, the Longfellows they called them.

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