Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Snow, snow, and even more snow. It has been snowing for (at least it seems like it) weeks. I have forgotten what the sun looks like.......every night and day we get snow which comes the lake effect snow. Tomorrow afternoon or evening we are expecting a storm, or "significant snow event" Exactly, what the hell does that mean? Snow on top of more snow???? I feel house bound and have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) when the lack of sun light is depressing. I have not seen the sun or two weeks...or has it been two months??? I have lost track on the sunshine.

I am not alone, half of the world is having a bad winter. I heard it snowed four inches of now in Beijing. Eleven inches of snow in Seoul, Korea. What happened to the Global Warming, which I hear from some sources that it has been over hyped or perhaps does not exist at all?????

Today was uneventful, I was on OB and there were not any c-sections scheduled. I think there was a big rush for inductions and scheduled sections before the end of the year. Come out little tax deduction.....

Our areas of coverage has expanded a lot. Now we have to staff EP studies (electrical pathways in the heart, cardiac cath lab, two additional OR's with a few docs doing non invasive major artery stenting, like the aorta for instance. But the latest is the "mother ship" has closed their psych unit and we are now doing ECT (electro convulsive therapy which is used for depression. The ECT's are being done three times a week. A light day seems to be the one where we get to go home after eight hours.

I was thinking about a little sunshine and a vacation in Florida, but it is cold and perhaps it will soon be snowing there????

Lucy, it is not warm here. It has been below freezing for over a week, and the next five days are still below freezing. I am glad I have two pairs of flannel lined jeans.....and a down parka.


  1. The sun will surely come out and the snow will melt someday, but I think we will have a long cold winter.

  2. The tv news here says to pet owners, be careful about putting your dogs outside: besides subzero temps, the frozen drifts provide escape routes over back fences and they have a stray dog problem as result.

    I worked New Years Day at dispatch for Public Safety - the hospital ran out of heart monitor machines because there was an influx of seniors on New Years Eve with heart problems and they had to make a run to campus cardiac center for more.