Thursday, February 25, 2010


The bad vibes have lifted.   Does everyone have bad days when it seems that nothing will go right??   I can't be alone in this malady.  I had read an article long ago about biorythms, and  they had a chart to figure out when your biorythm was not in alignment, guess that is a thing we do not need to know.  At that rate we would be all staying home when it was allegedly suppose to be bad....

I am off today, but have a hearing test scheduled.  Is there anyway to study for that???   LOL    I hear things but everyone is mumbling.   I guess I noticed that a few years ago, also if someone is not speaking directly to me I can not hear what they say, they are mumbling too.  Am I reading lips??   This is going to be an all day affair.   I have to leave and go into the city, which means I will be in the rush hours (whoever coined that word because NO ONE is rushing at all.) 

They said to be there 30 minutes early because I have to go somewhere in the bowels of the hospital for registration before I can go to the doctors office.   So I can honestly say that I expect to spend all day the way I want to spend my day off.

It could be worse, I guess I could be having a colonoscopy !!!!

Blogger has updated the posting area.   Were in the hell is the spell check??  I would never win the spelling bee, so I do like it when you type a word and it just doesn't look right and your want to check it???   I guess I have to delve (??) into the bowels of this program to find it, or just use my Windows Live Writer and do not stress about it.  


  1. If you find the blog checker let me know. I loved your comments on my blog about how old we feel I came out older than dirt. I got news for them, I feel older than dirt.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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