Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I think the bad  Karma business is still hanging around.   I just feel off.   I do not know how to describe it, really.   Work is long and hard,   the cases pile up endlessly....I think I am ready for a vacation.   I could use a week off  each month, but I do not think that will be a realistic goal.   I KNOW it is not realistic, but a person can have her fantasies.

I have off the first week in April, that is the week of Easter.   My idea of an fantasy vacation is a week of sleeping in to nine.   This morning I was up at 04:45 because I had an OR case that the surgeon wanted to start at 06:45, now that is early.    The worst part of it for me is I did not get to eat my breakfast, and I get cranky when I do not.   My hope for retirement will be that I can sleep in to 07:00, or am I programmed forever to this early rising.   

Chuck went to a meeting of our borough manager this morning.  Our complaint has been the lack of snow removal in a timely fashion.   The big snow this February began Friday afternoon and continued for almost 36 hours.   We never got our street plowed until 3 PM on Sunday. 

Chuck missed a day of work and caught grief that he could not make it.    I guess now he can get a note from the Borough Manager that will tell the hospital where he works that my street is the lowest of the low and not a high priority when it comes to plowing.    Perhaps they could type it on the Borough stationary.  

  Or perhaps I could write a scathing blog entry on not to buy a house in the Borough of P.....because snow removal is an issue.    I could put it also on Twitter and put tags on it to be read by anyone who would care to read it.....Actually, he said we are not a high priority because there are ONLY 10 houses on this street.   I want to go and see the local tax collector and see how I could apply for a discount because my house is not all that important and I do not get quality services for my tax money...

I have to work on that....


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