Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I saw a new ruby red Subaru when I took the car into the shop for service.   Six weeks later it is still sitting in the show room……I have lusted after this car……well, Chuck has been wheeling and dealing and came up with an excellent price and the car switcharoo and wheeling and dealing is almost complete.  The reason, I think, the car was sitting there was the fact that the car had a manual transmission…..it is a 6 speed, now, what is the sixth gear for??  Guess I will have to read up on that.   The good thing about a manual transmission is no EVER wants to borrow it and no one EVER will steal it.

We trade in one car and switch ownership of another and the red car will be mine.   If everything goes well.   Looks like it will….

Last evening and night I spent more time that I thought humanly possible at Pep Boys.   I needed new tires and it was time to get them (not the one being traded !!!!)   When I initially went in they told me it would take 1 1/2 to 2 hours.   So, we went out to dinner and had about one half hour left.   When we arrived the car was snow covered and still sitting in Pep Boys lot.   After complaining to the “man” he said it was going to be longer.   The reason, who the hell knows,  after waiting an additional two hours the car was done…..but the check tire light was on….so back I went and they check the tire pressure and they said to drive it and it should reset itself,   it did indeed do that. 
The thing I was glad about was I had told Chuck and Emily to go home after dinner,  one person angry was enough, I did not need two more….. To top it off I was not alone in state of agitation, there were four others who had grown roots waiting for their tires to be put on and they were all angry.

This is a new mandate from our All Knowing and Powerful Government, that the cars need to have this freaking censor for low tire pressure..  When you get new tires the valve stem need to be replaced at the rate of $7.00 each and Chuck told me if the sensor goes bad it will take $50 to  $250 ,depending on the car, to replace.    I wish the government would not try to take care of me so damn much…..

Another thing that angers me is about two months ago I read an article in the paper about how the All Knowing and Powerful Government decided to place a huge tariff (30% I think) on tires made on tires made in China…..well  guess who in their wisdom raised all the tire prices…..not only the ones made in China but all the tires that are sold. 

I think that EVAN BYAH was right when he announced his plan not to run for the Senate this fall.    The government is out of touch with the people and weren’t doing the peoples work.   When will they learn that the consumer bears the ultimate cost,   just what we needed in this country is astronomically high prices for necessities.  The only one being punished in this deal are the Citizens of the USA, We the People.  

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