Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yesterday, my Karma was way off.   It was a day when a person should have stayed in bed.   I do not know the cause, but the moon wasn't full.      First thing was when I was ready to leave in the early AM for work I heard Chuck say that Henry had thrown up a hair ball and it was accompanied with the usual contents (UGH).  At our house the rule is, if you find it you clean it up.   He was off and had the time, even though it was disgusting.  

I had to get  going and the new car was in the garage and Chuck was parked behind me because there is three foot of piled up snow on the street and Emily can not park there.   

The transmission in a 6 speed and I could not get the car in reverse.   Had I driven the car,  yes, but never backward.   The trick after Chuck pointed it out to me is there is a small ring on the shifter that you pull upward and slide it into reverse.  If I would have read the 2 inch thick manual I could have know that.......GRRRRRR.

When I got to work I could not find my plastic card that opens the parking lot was in my purse, found after a few minutes.

Everyone at work was crazy, some surgeons were whining and crying.   Sometimes dealing with them is like working in a preschool.   A few think the world revolves around them and they want what they want when they want.   A solution to that is to  go slower......not really, but it is an idea.

Every thing that I did seemed like a bump on my road and I was so glad to leave at 3 PM.   If I had been scheduled till 5 PM I think I would have had to scream in my purse.

The good news of the day is I went out to dinner with my friends at Olive Garden.  My daughter and a daughter of one my friends also went.   It was nice to get out and just relax.

I am in need of a vacation and want it right, who does that sound like???


  1. Please come to my blog and pick up an award I have or you.

  2. Seems like a busy day! The ring-lift reverse thingy majiggy always gets me too ;0)