Friday, July 9, 2010



I can honestly say it was like any other holiday week with a scheduled off day in it.   The good thing was that I normally would have had two ten hour days and I left at 15:00 every day.

Next week is the real acid test. I an working two days, and have something to do each day.   I have scheduled things for every day off in the month of July.   What did I do before, either did not schedule things to do, or jam packed things in one day.   That is equal to not having a day off because you had to do the necessities.


It has been raining since about 3 PM.   To my surprise water is leaking in the kitchen ceiling and at first I thought the dishwasher was leaking since I washed the dishes yesterday.   But now I have three containers catching the drips.   Chuck said he was going to go up and check for the leak.   But not if there is lightening.

Tomorrow and Sunday it is to be low humidity, and I hope so for sure.





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