Friday, July 16, 2010

Computer Woes

Maybe not woes, but rather, why is this computer fan running on super warp speed?

Yesterday I download a program called MS Auto Collage.    You would check which photographic folder you like, how many pictures you wanted and it would import them and make a collage:

spring flower shoe auto collage

and so this is how it would look.  It has some photo recognition software.  It was on a 30 trial basis and then you had the option to purchase the program.    The cost was $19.95, not really high in the software department.    I also had reinstalled a Photoshop CD that I had purchased in 2005.  

After those two were installed the computer fan was running at full speed ahead, and it even shut itself of two times.   I was glad I did not get the blue screen of death.     I did delete the two items.   I kind of liked the Microsoft Research  AutoCollage program.    I could see myself setting up folders with my favorites and playing with it.    But rather than risk a catastrophe I had to say good bye.

Today Emily registered for Statistic at Penn State.   It is a requirement for the BSN which is Bachelors of Science in Nursing.   Most of her credits from the Music degree have transferred and she can be finished in about a year.

Not much else going on, the weather is sultry and in the upper 80’s.  This is going to go down as a long hot summer.    What makes it so long is there has been no respite from the heat and humidity.


  1. On my flat screen monitor I tried to download Picasa and the screen was not big enough and made everything huge and fuzzy. I did everything to try to get it back to normal but could not so I am using my bulky monitor but I can get Picasa on it and it is a small screen.

  2. I love all those photo programmes, I'm just not clever enough to use them!

  3. My daughter had a noisy problem like that and it turned out that she had somehow knocked the switch to the fan onto the high setting. Once I told her there was a switch at he back of her computer, not the monitor, she looked and found it. She turned it down lower. Job done!
    I hope that is what is wrong with yours and you can then pop your beloved programmes back on again.
    Jeanie xx

  4. I just wish I was half as computer know how as you. I am so illiterate it is pathetic.