Wednesday, July 14, 2010



I have written two entries about my new  service with Comcast and low and behold yesterday, Mark Casem, from Comcast Customer left me a comment  that he was from customer service and they were here to help.   Bless his heart.   We seem to have the problem solved.  All that is left to do is set up the password on the modem.    That is the Kids job.


I guess the rumor is true and that  companies are now using social networking (Blogs and Tweets) to resolve customer issues.    I had a big issue with Verizon a while back but I guess they weren’t in the loop with my rant.   I guess I should get up to date and post my rants on Twitter, but that is limited in the amount of words I can use,   I usually need a lot if I really get fired up.


I have put in my two days of work this week, and I can honestly say I am glad I have cut down and I am really glad I am only working eight hour days.       But, somehow, I seem to  have my  days  off filled with things to do.   Perhaps this is an anomaly and I have just been putting off things because of no time.  

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