Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Actually, there is nothing going on except hot weather. This past month has to be the hottest June ever with July right up there too. I know I promised myself that I would not complain about those 90 degree days, BUT the snowy cold weather just last one month and the hot is hanging around since mid May. I am looking forward to the cool Autumn weather. I can not imagine myself living in a place where the weather is always hot if not hotter.

I did not reinstall Auto Collage (Microsoft) although I like it a lot. It just did not work on my computer. I did find one COLLAGE IT, which I found on KIM KOMANDO WEBSITE. She has daily emailings of tips, videos, downloads and all sorts of valuable interesting information. Mostly computer tips and a lot of the information is very valuable..

The Collage it is simple to operate. Just pick the photos from your computer and then click the button and it makes a collage. It is simple and fun to use.

I am off for two days, now since I have gone part time. The car is due for its inspection, oil change and a recall. I asked the Subaru salesman how business was and he said it was great, I said “I guess Toyota is your best friend..” He laughed and said yes. Probably GM best friend too.

I am starting a new regime of better diet and exercise. I suppose my old lady patient was right. This was long ago and she was in her 90’s. She said her son and his wife were always trying to lose weight. Any body knows all you have to do is cut your food in half and go for a walk every day. There is a lot of wisdom in her solution.

Tomorrow we will go to the mall to get some exercise walking about and spend some money. Sounds like a plan to me…..

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  1. I don't think any one is cool if that is any comfort,