Sunday, July 11, 2010


It finally cooled down from the heat wave of the past few days. I remember the promise I made to myself back in February not to complain about the hot weather. This was at a time where it took me two days to dig out from the two feet of snow. Last evening I turned of the A/C and let Mother Nature cool the house. I suppose it got down into the high 50’s, it is to go into the mid 80’s today. We are in the doldrums and it is not even August.

I do not like the hot, hot, hot weather. Perhaps it is some genetic memory on my Irish genes. I do not know if that is possible but it is a point or idea to consider. I suppose someone spend millions of our tax paying dollars to study that at some point in time.

I did read an article a few years ago that millions were spent studying the sex life of gnats. Who the hell cares, there are enough of them so I think I can safely that the gnats know it is done…..I do not think they need any help in that manner. Also this required no complex thought on the gnats part either.

I have a beef with Comcast. Companies seem to give all kinds of fanfare and then do not live up to their hype. We switched out Internet and Phone Service to Comcast. After comparing the prices I calculated we would save about $70 per month.

The Comcast guy came out on Thursday to change the service. That was when it was discovered that he did not have the equipment for Wi-Fi. Comcast said we did not tell them…… exactly who is the cable company here? With most of the computers sold nowadays are laptops and I would reasonable guess they have Wi-Fi cards, and how many people have more than one computer? My old HP laptop, which I bought in 2004 and am currently typing on at this exact point in time, has a Wi-Fi connection. My question is why do they not keep a modem in stock in the technicians truck? We can not be the only misinformed fools out there who did not know that a Wi Fi Modem was not included. They missed an opportunity for a up sale big time.

Chuck was in the phone in record speed. “You did not tell us” was the answer. They said they would overnight Fed Ex it. This is Sunday and no Fed Ex came Friday or Saturday. I am extremely glad that I was not paying for the shipping because they missed the Over Night by a long shot. On a brighter note, Chuck, the pack rat, had save the old Netgear equipment that was also very old, and Emily installed it temporarily. At least we have internet access until the new modem arrives.

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  1. At least you know how to do things to fix something. I do know as soon as my dish contract is up I am going to drop it.