Friday, July 30, 2010


I read an article that said that this July is going down as the hottest one on record. The runner us was one July, I think1936, but it was in one of the DUST BOWL ERA DAYS It is a record that I would not like repeated, but I think that thought will go unfulfilled.

I remember we did not have a spring, it just got hot in May and now it continues. I am seriously thinking of moving to the North West USA. I will check out Washington and Oregon and then decide. But their weather is looking better and better. I don’t care if it is cool and rainy.

At least until, the whole year is cool and rainy.

I have found a few handy dandy gadgets. The first is is COLLAGE IT and the second is SCREEN CAPTURE ELITE The second link is for a download for Firefox, which I use. It is only available for Firefox.

Collage it is very simple to use. You pick your photos and then the program will arrange a pictorial collage. The Screen Capture Elite is a program where you capture the page that you are viewing. I think this would be good for all those time the message says “Print This Page” I have to work more with this program to see how it would work for me. I like it in theory.

Tomorrow I am going to help with the Oakmont Sidewalk Sale. We will and set up a Genealogy Booth to feature the Oakmont Genealogy Study Group. There will be lots of bargains and give away’s. I did a search the our group and we have no web site. I am thinking to suggest that we get a BLOGGER GENEALOGY BLOG for the group.

If I make the suggestion I know I will be the one to do it…..

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