Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday’s Musings

I talked to my sister and she said the woman who owns my brothers apartment is waiting for the insurance check and then will redo Toms apartment so he can move back in.    Guess it will be good, tomorrow my brothers will go and take the wooden furniture out of his place so they can work.   I do not know what all needs to be done. 


Tom works at Red Lobster and a few evenings a week he does some clean up work at the bar/restaurant that his landlord owns.   Guess they will get him set up soon, at least I hope so.   I looks what he lost would be the couch and a few chairs.    I guess we could go to St. Vincent de Paul or some other thrift store and find a useable set.  It all remains to be seen.

Emily has scheduled her RN exam and still no job on the horizon.   There are jobs out there but EVERYONE is looking for EXPERIENCED RN’S only.   They actually have that highlighted or in caps in the newspaper ads.    This is difficult for me to believe but the Diploma School where she graduated WILL NOT HIRE THEIR OWN NEW GRADS.   Only about 12 out of 84 people have jobs, this is repeated across the country.   USA Today had a front page story talking about the lack of jobs for new gads.

I will tell you what will happen is in a few years the economy will improve and all the old nurses will resign in mass and there will be no one to take their places.   With the front page story about no job there will be a decrease in people going to school and the patients will be royally screwed.

Just few short years ago each grad had two and three offers and now NOTHING.   As a RN it irkes me to see the way these grads are being treated.   They go for interviews and do not even receive a thanks for interviewing but we hired another candidate.   Not even a acknowledgement or receiving  an application.   They talk about courtesy, professionalism and things to do when you interview, such as a thank you letter but it is not extended to applicants for positions.   It is really a shame what the hospitals do now.

It makes me ashamed  because of the lack of courtesy for the new grads.  When I received the application for my RN license it asked if I would encourage anyone to go into Nursing as a career I check the NO box.   Because I would not do it.

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