Monday, July 26, 2010


APPARTMENT HOUSE FIRE  was the topic of yesterday.   My brother called and said that there had been a fire at my other brothers apartment.   Tom said it was about 7:30 in the AM when he heard a huge bang and a brilliant flash of light.   He lives in one of the two apartments on the third floor.   He knew his neighbor had gone away for the weekend, so he got out as fast as he could.

Across the street one of the poles had split in half and a huge transformer had crashed to the street below.   Good thing it was Sunday and not to many people were out at that hour.   What the officials caused the fire was a few power surges and that sparked the blaze.   

It was quickly put out and after a few hours the residents were allowed to return to collect their belongings.   It has smoke damage and the windows had broken.  The fireman had poked holes in the wall and ceiling to check for fire.    His clothes were intact but needed to be washed.   They will go and collect the rest of his things.   It is a studio type apartment.

He is staying with my sister while the building gets repaired.   The worst unit was the one of the lady who was away.   She will really be surprised, and not happily so.   The power is still out.

No one was injured but a few fireman from the heat.

You just never know when trouble will befall a person.    Tom was not injured.

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