Friday, November 26, 2010


It was an eating extravaganza.   The whole day the three of us were either food prep, cleaning or setting up for the feast.   This year I decided to  cook two turkey breast instead of a large whole turkey.    For twenty people one turkey breast (12 pounds) would have been enough.  There were plenty of left overs to take home.  We also had a ham.

That was a problem with the turkey was the roasting , not to mention that the two were more expensive than the whole turkey.   I have a standard size over and I found that the turkey breast were too large to fit well in the lasagna pans.   I had placed the turkeys on the meat rack and after the roasting started I found that the oven was smoking.    What we determined was that the fat from the skin of the turkey was dripping on the oven floor and causing the smoke.

What we had to do was dig out my large electric roaster and put them both in there.   That was the major save of the day.  Although I like the roaster, it seems to cook much faster than the over and the item inside doesn't get as brown as the gas oven.  But it saved the day and the turkey yesterday.   There was a lot of smoke we had to open the windows and air the place out, I am surprised that the smoke detectors did not go off.

Crock Pots were another hot item.   I have one large and one small and I cooked the stuffing in both of them.   The procedure for that is to make the stuffing as usual and place it in the Crock Pot on Warm and let it cook for three hours.   It tastes very good, and for the people who are afraid of bacterial contamination or do not like moist stuffing this is the way to go.   Every bit of the stuffing was eaten.

My sister cooked ten pounds of potatoes and they came in her Crock Pot.    Emily made a Tofurky (a tofu pseudo turkey) in HWE Crock Pot and  Kathy kept the ham warm in her Crock Pot.  This is a lot of advertisement for the Crock Pot people.

Some of the guests brought plenty of sweets and everyone had a package to take home.

Other than the initial trouble the day went well.


  1. How did we live without our crockpots? I did the same when I was having dinners.

  2. I love my crockpot too! Sounds like you had enough food to feed the neighborhood!!! :)

  3. I did, with everyone taking home leftovers we finish the remainder off today.