Sunday, November 28, 2010


that I am relieved that Thanksgiving is over.   Yesterday we finished the last of the leftovers.  I think one day  of left overs is enough.   Today I spent a lot of time reading blogs, and with a few cups of tea it was quite manageable.  

About a month ago Chuck and I purchased two new phones.   They were the "smart phones".   Actually they are not too smart, or either I  am not too smart.    I had down loaded a ring tone of J S Bach and could not install the damn thing.    There was a freebie class that was how to navigate this phone. Well, when I questioned the man teaching the class how to install this he did not know either.   Upon referral to one of his co workers, I found that it would not download to my phone.   The software was for the older phones,,,grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  I did not feel nearly as bad when the Verizon guy could not download it either.

I did get some tidbits on the phones usage...The smart phone is too complicated. There are features that I will never use.   I even downloaded Google Sky Map.    I do not know when I will  be able to use this since it is cloudy most of the time in PA.

We did set up Chucks voice mail,   he actually had a voice mail from 2006 from me.   It probably was seriously questioning why he did not set up his voice mail account.   I hope he remembers his pass word. 

The problem was that in order to set up your voice mail account you had to enter your previous password and if you never had one how were you to know what to enter.   The damned mechanical voice mail bitch kept hangin up since he did not know his previous (nonexistent) pass code number.   I am glad that is done. 

I have to check out the Android apps to see what even in the world I may need, on the other hand I will not download any that will cost me money.  Guess you could say I was quite frugal or out and out cheap.

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  1. Claudia, you just made me laugh because you send like me with this windows 7. I have been lost in blogger land trying to set it up but it is a chore, I finally found a wat to get basck to ther people I missed. I remember when my daughter got a smart phone and it rand and rang when I caklled her and when she finally answered she said, "I don't know how to answer my phone,.