Thursday, November 11, 2010


The trip proved to be VERY interesting.     Some of these houses had been on the market for months.  When we got up there the ones we were interested in had been sold.   So we went to see a few others.   First thing the kid learned, if there are not any pictures of the inside of the house you have something to worry about.

The first we saw was  cottage on the SUSQUEHANNA RIVER    Running in front of the cottage was a busy Pennsylvania State road.   The few minutes were there a lot of trucks went rumbling by, and the gas drillers had made a road in between this house and the one next door.

  The rooms were so small and the layout was choppy.   It was made worse by the fact that the owner had a dog grooming business and the rooms were chopped even more.   The house was cold, and appeared to be heated by a portable kerosene heater, which has a recognizable smell.   

I am thinking that the woman did not want to spend money on filling up the oil tank.   It had a septic tank and well water.   My worry was flooding, and it had a great potential for getting flooded when the river would rise.   Out on the porch the far end of the floor listed downward leaving me to believe the foundation was affected.      This house was off the list.  There were no pictures of the inside.

The second was a large house with a double lot, it was over the railroad tracks and the river too.   The neighborhood houses we not in the greatest repair.   After driving by we opted out of  the viewing.  There were not pictures of inside of this house.   Off the list.

Third was a large house situated up a steep drive way.   When we got out of the car I could hear dogs barking and a guy came out and asked “What do you  want?”    He said the landlord did not tell them anyone was coming, but come in anyway.   This was also choppy, and uneven floors after getting as  far as the kitchen we decided to leave.   There were no pictures of the inside of this house.  Off the list.   The cast of characters living here faintly resembled Deliverance.

Fourth was a house in a nicer area, it had beautiful wood trim on the dining room and up the stairs, the kitchen was a little wild with too much paneling.   It could have been doable.    The bedrooms were all dark but that could have been solved with some paint.     The bathroom was interesting  with a claw foot tub and in need of an update.   The biggest drawback to this house was a tree in front of the house.   

This tree must have had a diameter of  four feet.  The three of may not have gotten our arms around this tree if we all held hands.  When I got out of the car I noticed a blue cap with water printed on it.  Chuck decided that the water line, and quite possible to gas line were imbedded in the wooden roots of this tree, and to take the tree down and out would have cost major big bucks,   off the list.

We were sorely depressed because not houses were available and we were leaving the next day.   We told the Realtor to see if she could come up with some else.  That evening I found a new listing and the place looked like a Hollywood Star.   We called the Realtor and it had just been listed, and we liked it and put in an offer.   We are in negotiation….I am hoping we can come to an agreement.   I do not want to drive up there again and look for housing.


  1. I hope you get the house. Sounds good.

  2. I forgot to mention, I would like to see a picture of "the Kid" that had more clarity then the one drying her hair. I know how hard she worked to get her degree.