Friday, November 12, 2010



After almost two weeks off.   The time went so fast, first the conference and then a few vacation days to go and look for housing for the kid, which proved to be futile and an eye opener at the same time.  I decided that I could retire tomorrow, I like being off.

   The owner of the house that we liked would not go any lower after our second bid.  When the Realtor, who is making a commission, told us the house was not worth the price that they were asking, it is time to give it up.   I think a big problem is in this day and age is the fact that the people owe more than their houses are worth.    No one is going to pay the asking price, when the market is down, down, down.    Their only other choice is just to walk away and it will end up in sheriff sale.

Next week Chuck and the kid are going back up and this time look in New York, which is adjacent to the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania.   They are taking two days and have several things lined up.

  This evening we bought a table and five chairs (where is number six?)   Guess it was broken, and Chuck bought a cedar chest armoire. Tomorrow we will go to another thrift store and look for a bed and the rails, we will have to buy a mattress and box springs.   I also want to buy her a snow shovel, I think she will need it, for sure.

Emily is still busy packing, we got a lot of sturdy boxes from the liquor store.  I also brought several home from work, there is an inexhaustible supply of boxes there.   They are heavy enough to support the weight of the books.   Her clothes are gone through, except for the things hanging on the line.  Last week I made a thrift store run and donated clothes she had sorted out.

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