Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It is so quiet here that I can hear the cats breathe..

Chuck and the kid are both gone for a few days.  The kid had her physical at the hospital where she will soon be employed.   Emily has been packing for weeks.   A good place to get boxes is at the liquor store.   They are very sturdy and a good size for packing and they are easy to handle. I had procured some boxes from work and they were larger and ideal for clothes, linens and blankets.   She wondered what the neighbors would think with all those boxes are out on the curb on garbage pick up day..Probably think she is a party girl...

Tomorrow they will stop over at the house for a examination and to measure the windows.   The owner told us that we could leave some things there if we wanted.   Both cars were filled with boxes and they will unload them tomorrow.   Now what we have to do is to rent the van and pack the rest, and drive five hours into the wilds of Pennsylvania.   This is really in the ENDLESS MOUNTAINS  and endless they are if you are driving.

With the move in the offing  we will be closely watch the weather for the S... word.   This particular word involves AWD, shovels and salt.   We have seen a few flakes here on Saturday but nothing stuck.  
Outside, it is raining, which started in the early morning hours.  We have a sky light in the bedroom and you can hear the patter of the raindrops.   The weather forecaster said that it was to rain from 3 to 4 inches with this storm.   That really gives me the shivers when I think the formula for snow accumulation is 1 inch of rain is equal to 10 inches of snow.   The temperature outside is about 42F and I am glad of it.    Our house is on a slight hill, and I am thrilled about that today.

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