Sunday, December 12, 2010


since I have posted.   We have all been busy packing boxes, packing the U Haul and the drive to Sayre PA.    There were delays, mishaps and frustrations along the way.    Now everything is well and shipshape.  We did not leave as planned because of problems with the survey.   Then when we did leave the weather thru the mountains of Pennsylvania was snowy and that was quite scary for Chuck driving the truck.   From Blairsville to Altoona the weather was snowy and wintry, but after going down the mountain the rest of the drive was uneventful.    When we got to Route Route 220 in Pennsylvania and drove it to Sayre PA.

Chuck had called the realtor to ask where to pick up the keys for the house.   They did not have any keys because the people who owned it NEVER LOCKED THEIR DOORS.   Is that unbelievable or what?   The front and side door have locks that you can get out of the house,   there is a slot for the key, but no keys.    The back door was blown open and did not shut properly and no key at all.   There was no way to lock the house. 

Chuck brought many tools and he had with him a lockset which we had purchased at some time in the past.  Well, I can say that the back door locks now but having no keys to the others is another problem.    The former owner had replaced some of the windows and there are many that need to be replaced.  He did not caulk around the new windows so the house is drafty.  The will be caulked shortly.   Two rooms need to be painted, and a lot of cosmetic work to be done.

Tomorrow is another day.    On Tuesday I will leave and drive home for work and Chuck will stay and work on the house.   Tomorrow Emily starts her hospital orientation.   We will all be busy.

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  1. That drive through the mountains must have been hair raising to say the least! I'm glad you made it safely. No locks on the doors must mean it's a safe area....I hope?
    I would need locks, safe area or not!
    Good luck to Emily. Take care on the road home. Be safe!

    Jeanie xxxx