Tuesday, December 21, 2010



We knew it was going to happen.    Jenny the cat had been acting rather sad and was looking for the other cats.   Emily and Chuck were feeling bad for the cat.   On Sunday they got another cat, Sophie.   Yesterday when Chuck got up Sophie had (??????) climbed or jumped to the top of the kitchen cabinets.   The cabinets are about seven foot from the floor, and how she did this is a mystery; Chuck suspects that she used the Roman shade as a ladder.

Yesterday Sophie went to the vet to get neutered, a check up with shot and to have a microchip inserted.   The surgery is to be today and for Sophie to be returned tomorrow.   Chuck took a picture of the cat on top of the cabinets and as soon as he figures out how to send it I will post it.

I am off today and plan to start cleaning the room formerly known as Emily's.   Since I sent the old vacuum with Emily I had to buy a new vacuum.   So I will put it to the test today.   I have to put my plan into action instead of sitting here and writing about my plans.

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