Sunday, December 19, 2010


Last evening the Internet was becoming difficult.   It did not want to load or connect.   I would turn the wireless button of and on again and then it would work for a few minutes.  Long enough for me to get the bills paid which I do online for the most part. 

This morning it would not connect at all.   Since we have Comcast I gave the tech people a call.   I had to wait about 45 minutes.   That was a long and boring wait because all I could do was play Solitaire till my fingers got numb.  The phone  mechanical woman did tell me it was going to be a long wait.

The tech man checked the equipment and he said it had to be rebooted.   And the procedure for that was to unplug the modem and wait a few minutes and plug it in again.   Amazingly, it did the trick.   He told me to try it next time if that happened and I assured him that would be my first problem solving technique. 

Yesterday Emily got another cat.   She went to the Bradford County Animal Shelter and found a adult, black with some white, female.   Jenny is not too happy with the new comer.   There were no attacks but rather a lot of hissing on Jenny's part, after all who was this interloper and how did that bitch get in the house......

Today there were eyeing each other with suspicion but the younger cat (Sophie) wanted to get to know Jenny and I think Jenny was afraid and suspicious.   I think it will work itself out because neither of them is an attack cat.

Emily starts in the OR tomorrow.  It will be interesting to hear how her day went.

Chuck got the washer and dryer installed.  There are really a lot of good sales in the month of December on just about everything, including washers and dryers.    He also replaced the broken basement door, window.  Now what is left is caulking and sealing the windows and painting two rooms.  


  1. I love all the benefits of being computerized, but there are times when I'd just like to revert to the simple days of Snail Mail. I'll have to remember the rebooting technique.
    I've tried bringing another cat into the house, but my cat Scratch won't hear of it. She's been alone for five years now and goes completely crazy if another cat is anywhere nearby.

  2. Some cats are solitary creatures and need to be alone. Sophie was in a shelter and they had cat play time where all the cats were in a play room. So, I guess the socialization aspects work for animals and people as well.

    Jenny lived at my house and there were other cats there.