Friday, December 17, 2010


Three days back and I am looking forward to four days off.   We decided not to buy gifts this year because of moving Emily and he will be upstate PA for Christmas.  

The installer came to evaluate and assess the door way.   He said we need a custom made door.    The door is taller than stock, we knew that already.   He also said that the windows were all odd sizes and we would have to have them made too.     He did tell Chuck how to measure and gave bits of advice on the installation.   He said to put fiberglass in the places were the weights had been.   My brother Richard said to put the fiberglass in before the window guy.   I think that is why the new windows are still leaking air.   The former owner did not put in the fiberglass insulation.

I sense a spousal quality time window installation in my future.   We can do it...... if he can build an extension on to our house he can put in windows.   So, no Obama Bucks break for us, just pay as usual.   What will happen is that Chuck will put the plastic on the drafty windows till spring when the company has it sale and we will order them.

Emily's week of orientation is over and she starts to work next week.    Two four day weeks and then on to working for real.  I think she is looking forward to a paycheck. And I am looking forward to her off the payroll of mom and dad.


  1. We use plastic on our drafty windows, caulking inside. At our age we won't, or I should say can't afford remodeling even for the cold winter.

  2. It does cost a lot and if you are on a fixed income you can find plenty of things that are more important, like food and medical care, to spend your money on.