Tuesday, December 14, 2010



I had to return back home because I am working for the next three days.   Chuck remained at Emily's  because he has a lot of work to do.   He had to add lights in the basement and is waiting for a washer and dryer to arrive.    The installer will come on Friday to evaluate the back door to replace the door with no lock.    The one we looked at is a steel door with a window on the top and in that window is a small blind.   Emily like it because when it gets dark she did not like the idea of someone (theoretically that is ) being able to get on the back porch and look in.   I must admit I found it a little creepy myself. 

A few days ago I perused the vegetative matter in the back yard and I found a strawberry and raspberry patch.   There was also a compost heap.   There were remnants of a pumpkin patch too.   There is also a perennial garden.  I had to tell Chuck not to pull anything out.   It looks like there is a garden but I can not identify what is there, green leafy stuff is all I can see.

The trip is about 5 1/2 hour drive but today it was longer, it took about seven hours.    I drove from Sayre down to Altoona and then up the mountain.  The drive from Altoona to Blairsville was a white knuckle ride.   Blowing snow was all over the road and the visibility was about 2/10's of a mile.   Traffic was slowed to 35 to 40 mph in a 55 mph zone.   What still amazes me is the hot dogs who race and pass me doing about 55 or 60 in a snow storm.   

After I got off the mountain the sky cleared and driving was good.   Emily called and had day two of orientation in the OR, she liked the people with whom she will be working.   They will teach her to scrub and circulate in the OR, that is a good thing because she will be more marketable with scrub experience.    I took her book back to Penn State and the only class she has left are Nursing Classes on line.

Back to work tomorrow and then to exchange some things we had purchased for Emily...

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