Sunday, January 9, 2011


On October I posted about the Sears Hot water tank that sprung a leak after it was installed in August 2009.  The previous tank, also purchased at Sears had lasted twenty years.

Last week we were out to dinner and I had a load of clothes in the dryer and I wanted to empty and fold them.

Guess what, THAT DAMNED, FOUR MONTH OLD SEARS HOT WATER TANK WAS LEAKING.    So again, Chuck called Sears and they said come and get another.   What in the hell kind of product is this that a third water tank is now leaking???   Where is their quality control?   I can not be the only person in this country that this is happening to with the leaky tanks.   At one point in time you could really rely on Sears with quality products and they would last a very long time.  What has happened? 

To top if off they won't deliver the replacement and we had to rent a U Haul to go and get the damned thing. We have had three rental feels to cart that damned hot water tank to my house.

   I am really irked this time and intend to pursue this further.    I feel like some consumer protection or Angies list in my future.    I feel a letter to the Sears corporation is being composed in my brain.......


  1. Hot water heaters are a real pain. we just hope each one we put in will be sufficient until we recover from the cost of another one. They do not make anything to last but this short of time if outrageous.

  2. Any resolution on this? Our third tank started leaking today, in four years!