Tuesday, February 8, 2011



If there is such a thing.   I think most of the country has had it with the snow and eternal storms.  I read an article that the people in China were having a problem with the fact they have not had any snow and there is a lack of moisture for their winter wheat crop.I would like to shift the weather to Asia and give them our snow for the rest of the winter.    Another blurb is that there should be an increase in prices of sugar because of the overabundance of water and flooding in Australia.   Guess we should stock up on sugar this week. 

It seems when there is a disaster or hint of a disaster that the speculators runabout with "the sky is falling mentality."   The prices are then going to escalate and we will be financially screwed.  But, according to the federal government, there is no increase in the COLA because there is no inflation.   But they gave them selves a raise.   The federal officials have become the new royalty of the realm.  I have seen email stating that we need a constitutional amendment to force the people who are legislating these rules be required to live by the rules they have legislated themselves.

A case in point is the unfortunate Representative Giffords and the news article stated that all her medical expenses will be cover by her health care, paid for by you and I no less, and we the people  do not have these same perks for the teaming masses of people paying the bill with our hard earned tax dollars.   I am beginning to thing that perhaps an amendment is in order.   I have to read more on this proposition.  But we all know that will never happen.   The system is becoming unsustainable and then it will no longer exist.    Do you think I should worry about big brother reading and watching my activities because of my blog????


  1. I got a surprise yesterday. A check for 250.00 because I went in the donut hole on drug expenses. I did not even know I went in the hole. My computer has been down until today. It is going to be a long haul for my grandson. * months before hardware can come out and probably a year before he can work.

  2. That was a handy surprise.....I am glad the nephew is doing well.