Tuesday, February 15, 2011


If only for a few days.    Today was sunny and I had to get the car washed.  The conditions have not been right for a carwash for months.   The snow has been melting because of the warmer temperatures and the heat of the sun.   So I rushed down and got in line.   It feels so good to have a clean car and I  hate when I get dirty while trying to put things in the trunk or open the door.  


I have off for three days and I am excited about that.  Today I just had to get out of the house, I think the lure was the blue sky and sun shine.   Chuck has some work to do on his car but it has been too cold to try and work in the garage.  Guess he will be out there the next few days.   He keeps telling me what he is doing but all I remember is it was a pain in the butt getting out a screw.  LOL


The daughter is doing good, she still likes her job.  We are all glad to hear that bit of news.   There is nothing worse than hating your first job.  I have decided to retire and it will be soon.   I did not count the days because it will seem longer and drawn out if I do.   But I am not going to work another summer.  


Nothing else new, or nothing I know of.  Guess I just have to wait till it really warms up and things start to happen.

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  1. Good for you Claudia. You have done your time and now enjoy. If you are like me you will need some alone time from Hubby and cat and all, but it is amazing how just a couple of hours makes me want to go hiome.