Wednesday, June 22, 2011



For me it began the middle of May.  Today I went out to get the paper and you could cut the humidity with a knife.   With the A/C set at 75 it was still feeling hot.   I turned on the fan associated with the furnace and it helped cool it down a bit.    It takes the cooler air in the basement and recirculates it upstairs.

I am really getting into the routine of retirement.   Sleep in (till about 6 am), read the two newspapers, check my email, and read some new blog postings.   There is not a whole hell of a lot a person can do at 6 am.   I was hoping that after many, many, years of getting up about 04:45 I would be able to sleep, but I suppose that is not the case.

Strangely I find I have a lot to do, how did I get it done before?   I think I saved it up for the one  or two days off that I had.   I miss the socialization with my coworkers but not the work.

Oh well, I have to plan the rest of my day…..


The flowers are now long gone….It was pretty while it lasted.

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  1. I never did learn to sleep late after retiring.Joe has but not me. Those flowers were very pretty while they lasted. Same with my day lily's. Ron came through his surgery on his leg. He tore all 3 tendons and muscles on the right side of his body loose from the bone in a freak accident in his shop. Now lots of therapy.