Monday, June 20, 2011



After a five and a half hour drive I arrived home safe and sound.   Emily had off last week and we spent some quality time.  I could not find my cable to download my pictures so I inserted the SONY card into the computer and it downloaded just fine.  BUT, I could not get the card out and it was really in there.  

I was looking for an eject button, I did find the eject option on the C drive and I clicked on eject, but the thing did not eject.   Soooo, being under warranty I called HP to see what demons I had to exorcise to get the damn card out.

After talking to tech support, the problem also had them mystified.  While waiting to for final answer, it proved to have no answer.   So, I used a hemostat I had around the house and pulled the damned thing out manually.  Popped it back in the camera and it is still working and the pictures are on the computer.

They (at HP) decided that the card has an insert that you have to put it  into in order to get it to work.   My solution is to look for the stupid cable to transfer the pictures.

sayre abd ny june 039 


Neat picture on the wall of a restaurant where we ate in Wellsboro PA.

sayre abd ny june 042

Replication of the shop cat at a book store.  The cats name is Hobo and he has a children's story written about him.   I did not see the book while I was there.


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sayre abd ny june 051

Pictures of PA Grand Canyon at PINE CREEK GORGE

I like to find how you get to the bottom of the canyon and see the information of hiking the trail.


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sayre abd ny june 057

Picture of the Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca NY.  It is a vegetarian restaurant and the food is EXCELLENT.  Lots of spices to heat the entrees up…..

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