Sunday, June 19, 2011



Patrick O’Rourke - Great Grandfather

picturesbyclaudia 002

Thomas Dowd - Grandfather

Thomas Dowd baby Thomas Dowd 1918

Thomas Dowd - Father

Thomas, Gerda, Claudia, Tommy Dowd 1951 001

Grandfather - Willi Schridde

Willi Schridde  Circa1030 (2)

Great Grandfather - Daniel Bartels

Frau und Herr Bartels   ggp Claudia DOWD Sperl (2)


Frederick Schridde- Great Grandfather

update schridde

And lastly my great grandfather Thomas Dowd, of which I have no picture and would dearly like to have one.


  1. How nice that you had pictures to post of you relatives. I had none that I could use. All the family pictures were in my sisters cedar chest and her son took ceder chest and all to Omaha where they live so I just have the few that I managed to sneak through while she was still alive.

  2. Is he still alive. Maybe he could scan some and email them to you.