Friday, June 17, 2011



This Tuesday I drove to my daughters, it is a long drive through the Allegheny Mountains.    She had a few days off and no plans. 

We did nothing but go to the grocery store and to dinner, at The RAil House Restaurant and Grill located in WAVERLY NY  I could not find a website but I shall continue.   It is an old building located right next to a railroad track.  Trains come by frequently and it sounds like they are coming through the wall.   It only takes a few minutes to drive there.  

They have the usual offerings and the prices are more than reasonable.  Emily had a veggie burger and I had a pulled pork sandwich.   The BBQ sauce was a combination of sweet and tangy.  They make their french fries from sweet potatoes and are delicious. 

Wednesday we went on a trip to WELLSBORO PA to see the town and the PENNSYLVANIA GRAND CANYON.   Wednesday was clean and cool and the canyon is a sight.    You can walk to the bottom of the canyon and it is about one mile down the sides.   I could walk down but they would have to send a helicopter to get me back up.  

At the bottom is a Rails to Trails and you can bicycle, walk, ride a horse or in the winter ride a snowmobile.   There is a road down there but I have to figure out exactly how to get down to that road.

To get there you have to follow PA ROUTE 6 west from Towanda.   The route is heralded to be scenic, but we were stuck behind a few large trucks hauling equipment,  I can safely surmise that it was going to be used for the Marcellus shale drilling.  Honestly, they would go up the hills at the rate of 10 miles per hour.   The speed gave us about 45 minutes driving time to Wellsboro.

Yesterday we decided to go to TANNERSVILLE PA  There is an outlet mall with about 120 stores.   Emily and I walked a lot but did not spend a lot of money.

An interesting and potentially fatal event happened on the way down the interstate near Scranton P.   As I was driving along, blissfully unaware, I noticed a large black object at the side of the road and in a few nanoseconds my brain determined it was a huge black bear about to run across.   I hit the brakes and slowed down and in the second or two it took me to get to the spot, he has just made it to the median.    That was a car wreck total and possibly death moment.   I was thinking that he must have weighed about 300 pounds.    I am so glad, happy and thankful that we did not make contact.   I wish we could have taken a picture of him.

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