Sunday, September 25, 2011



The MARMORATED STINK BUGS have now decided it is time to come inside for the winter.   These ugly critter just appeared a few years ago and they are really ugly and stink if squashed.   I think they came from China.   They do not harm humans but are devastating to  the agricultural business.   Millions of dollars lost because they sample the fruit and vegetables.


When the summer turns to autumn they decided, it is time to find someplace warm for the winter and they will come in the house.  Our house is pretty well sealed but those critters were still getting in.   Chuck spends a lot of time catching and throwing them outside. (DO NOT SQUASH THEM- THEY STINK AND THE SCENT WILL ATTRACT OTHERS.)    I checked the windows and the doors and still did not see an entry.  One more idea popped into my head,  could they possible be coming in the fireplace???


Chuck opened the glass doors and inside, hanging on the metal curtain (to prevent the embers coming out) were about fifteen bugs, all holding on the metal mesh.   The next step was biochemical warfare, us vs. the bugs.   We have to see how that treatment goes and the next step will be to seal up the fireplace with a piece of transparent plastic.  


This is war………….


  1. I think we have them about this time of year. Haven't seen one yet, but we will I bet. Our house is not that airtight. We have a gallon spray of something and it has a cord and a spray nozzle. He goes around all the windows and doors and then the basement where the air conditioner pipes come in, fairly expensive but it goes a long way. Carry on youy battle!!!

  2. Good Morning and was wondering how the stink bug battle is going. I am already very fond of my stove. Haven't tried the oven but just might do it today. How is your daughter doing?

  3. They hauled my stove away and left my broiler pan in it but I never used it. It was rocky when it got hot.

  4. Claudia....use Harris Stinkbug Spray. It worked for me at my Dad's house really well. I have seen it at Home Depot. Good Luck!