Friday, December 30, 2011



Actually, my daughter once said I was cheap.  I am not one to spend money if I feel that the value is not there.   Yesterday I went to Office Max to get ink for my printer.  

I have an Epson CX5000 and the ink was gone.   It is an old model but I had just set it up a few months ago because the previous HP model was (c. 2004) was not working.   

I needed black and the color printer colors.   What to my shock and amazement (and believe me it takes a lot to shock me)  was the cost of the four cartridges, approximately $60. What could I buy for $60,  I looked at some printers and I could get a new printer from $79 to $120, and some of them were wireless.  

Buy ink two times and I could buy the equivalent of the higher priced printers.   Printer ink is worth more than the printer.   Back to the drawing board for me.   I had a consult with the husband and only bought the black, I have not installed it yet, but if the computer tells me I can not operate it with out the other three I will not be surprised.

I have to look into a new printer and on my list is a wireless, so all the computers can use it, a laser jet printer and I will not have to buy ink.   I have to check the pros and cons of this upcoming project and the price of toner for laser jet.


  1. I'm always shocked at the high price of printer ink. It's a complete ripoff, especially since it doesn't last long. My printer presently needs a new cartridge and I haven't gotten one yet solely because of the high cost.

  2. Ink is terribly expensive. I don't print pictures often for that reason. I kow I will never have another computer is this goes out, I enjoy it, but at 82 why buy another. Especially with the expense to fix my body. Have a Happy New Year, Claudia and Chuck and just in case your daughter follows your blog, also to her.