Tuesday, February 14, 2012



I looked at the dates of my last posting and it really has been a while.   What have I been doing?   I went to visit my daughter and we spent five days just bumming around and doing some shopping.   We ate lunch out a lot….It is nice now that she has regular days off and can do things other than work during the week.

I am happy to report that Lucy, the cat, is well on the mend.   She had the remaining of her tubes removed and is currently sleeping under the coffee table.   Lucy still has the e-collar on so she does not lick her incision.   Hopefully that will be healed in a few days.   A few clumps of matted fur has appeared because she has not been able to groom herself.   Lucy always is perfectly groomed, and her appetite is back to normal.

We have been getting threats of snow and ice, but none of it has materialized today.   My worry is rain turning to ice.   The winter has not ben bad or Western PA.   I look at the snow pictures of Eastern Europe and I am amazed at the snow that appears to be about eight foot deep, with deep slices in it in the process of plowing the roads.   

This evening we went to Outback Steakhouse, we got there at about 4:15 and it was already crowded.   When we left about an hour later it was standing room only for dinner.   We went early because neither of likes to wait.  The steak was good and it is nice to go out to eat.

I have not planned anything for tomorrow but I am willing to be it may involve cleaning up.


  1. Sounds like you had a nice valentines day. You just sound so content with the way your day went. I am glad Lucy is better. Our German Shepard that we had, needed to wear for a collar like that several days. We have a very small house and he just walked through the house and when he did he took anything with him that was in his way.

  2. How is your daughter, The kid doing? I hope Lucy, the cat is doing well. I aM GOING TO HAVE TO TRY TO TAKE SOME POUNDS OFF. i NEVER HAD A PROBLEM until I decided I was going to eat what ever I wanted and never diet again. After my cardiologist said "wait until the pain is so bad you can't walk before having it done." He said it was extremely painful and long rehab. I decided to try to diet again. When I was young I could drop the weight like it was easy. It was then.